Why Should I Volunteer?

When do I have time to volunteer,
you ask yourself. I am too busy being a
parent! Volunteering is important for all of us. Volunteering at your child's
school may be one of the most important, life-altering things you can ever do
for your child.
Why you ask? Because it sends a very clear message to them
(and other students for that matter) that you're devoting your most precious
commodity - yourself - to something that's important to you, their
education.  It shows them you support them and their teachers and lets them
know that what they do matters to you.

Its all about them 
Were talking about our teachers and staff the very teachers and staff who
nurture your child everyday throughout the school year. We need your helping
hands and smiling faces on our campuses to help lighten the load for our staff
giving them more time in the classroom.

We need you! 
The number one reason people don't volunteer is because no one asked them.
Well, we are asking for you to be involved! Your time and knowledge is
needed and wanted by our staff and students. The diversity of our community
and the experiences you can share with our students is valuable to us. Whether
its a little time or a lot of time on campus or at home mom, dad or
grandparent WE NEED YOU! We could not do it without each of you!
Volunteering is NOT mandatory to be a member of the PTA! 
It is not mandatory that you volunteer in order to be a PTA member. Being a member
of the PTA shows children that you are interested in their education. Being a member 
gives you a say in how the PTA spends the money raised by fundraisers and what
extra's you think would help the children and our school. You don't even have to be
local to be a PTA member. If your child has grandparents and other family members
who live farther away they can still have a vote and a be active in your child's education. 
Honestly the money goes that it costs to be a member of the PTA may seem a little high but
it helps the children a lot. We encourage anyone to help get involved in helping make our
school and our students the best they can be. If you have the money you can also sponsor
children or other family members to help them be part of the PTA and its activities. By paying
the required dues to become a member of the PTA may seem steep but please remember
that this is a membership for the whole year and the benefits of being a member don't end just
because school has. Your benefits are good all throughout the summer, all we ask is that you become
a member yearly.  
Do you have a Hobby or a Job that you would like to share? 
If you have a special hobby or job that you would like to share with the children we can set up
craft nights, or other types of activities where you can share those skills and help teach the
children about it. Whether it is arts, crafts, woodworking, acting, singing, music, etc. We
want to make it easier for you to help with your child's education.